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Importing pet reptiles and amphibians

Other rules for trade animals

Some species are protected

Importing a few animals

Imports from EU countries as well as Andorra, Faroe Islands, Norway and Switzerland

Imports from non-EU countries except Andorra, Faroe Islands, Norway and Switzerland

If the animals' species is uncertain

If there is doubt about the species of the animals, Customs may call on an expert appointed by the Board of Agriculture. This is paid for by the person bringing the animals into Sweden.

You are responsible for complying with the rules

The person who brings animals to Sweden is responsible for complying with the import rules. If you do not follow the rules, the import may be prevented, or the animals may be killed at the border. You also need to find out in advance whether or not you are allowed to keep the animals in Sweden without special permission. 

Reptiles and batrachians can spread salmonella

Reptiles and amphibians can carry, among others, salmonella bacteria in their intestines. An animal that carries salmonella is usually not ill, but may still carry and spread the disease. Good hygiene reduces the risk of spreading the disease. However, we do not recommend using medicine against salmonella in reptiles and amphibians, since this could easily result in more resistant bacteria.   
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