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Rules on transport in connection with economic activities

Authorisation for transporters

Applying for authorisation

Training required for certificate of competence

Approved training courses

Exception for short, unfrequent transports

Transport documents

When you transport animals you need to bring documents that show
  • origin and owner of the animals
  • place of departure
  • date and time of departure
  • destination and expected duration

You will find a form for this information in the right-hand column. You can print several copies of the form and staple them to form a logbook that you keep in your vehicle. You can also write the information on a blank piece of paper, but please remember to write clearly and legibly. If you use a journey log you will not need the form, since the journey log contains the same information.

Journey log

Using the journey log

Navigation system


Signs approved in other countries

Transports abroad

Other means of transport