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Most dogs and cats can be freely brought to Sweden from Norway

Dogs and cats can be freely brought to Sweden from Norway. You need no passport, no treatment and no permit to bring dogs, cats or ferrets from Norway to Sweden, unregarded for what purpose they are brought.

If you intend to travel with a dog between the Norwegian mainland and the Svalbard Islands, you need permission from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Cats and ferrets must not be brought to the Svalbard Islands.

If you travel through Sweden to Norway and back, you must however bring the pet passport along with the animal.

Travelling to Norway with your pet animal

If you want to bring a cat, dog or ferret to Norway it is important to know which rules you need to follow. Read more about  non-commercial movement of dogs, cats and ferrets to Norway at the web site of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority External link, opens in new window..