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Prisindex på livsmedelsområdet 1995-2002

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During the period 1995-2002 the prices in Sweden for means of production in the agriculture, according to Input Index, have increased 17 %. This is more than the general increase of prices in the society, which was 7 %. During the same period the agricultural producer prices, according to Output Index, have decreased with 8 %. However, according to the EU Common Agricultural Policy, the direct subsidies have increased from 1995 to 2002, which has an increasing effect on the incomes of the farmers. These subsidies are not included in Output index.

The consumer prices for such agricultural products wich are produced in Sweden, have increased with 0,5 % during the period from 1995-2002. The price trends for fruits and vegetables are not included in this figure.


List of tables


Explanation of symbols

1. Price Indices in the Food Sector.

2. Input Price Index.

3. Output Price Index.

4. Price Index for the Food Industry, food from price regulated agricultural products.

5. Consumer Price Index, food from price regulated agricultural products.

6. Input Price Index for the EU market.

7. Input Price Index for EU-15.

8. Output Price Index for the EU market.

9. Output Price Index for EU-15.