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Animal products - Annual and Monthly Statistics - 2009:12

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Decreased slaughterings of pigs during 2009

Slaughterings of pigs decreased with 3.3 % during January-December 2009 compared to the same period in 2008 and slaughterings of cattle increased with 8.8 % during the same period.

The quantity of milk delevered to dairies decreased with 2.0 % and production of drinking milk increased with 0.7 % during January-December 2009. Production of cheese decreased with 6.0 % and production of butter increased with 12.9 % during the same period.

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Explanation of symbols

1. Milk delivered to dairies

2. Production at dairies (1 000 metric tons)

3a. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

3b. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

4. Slaughterings of poultry at slaughter houses

5. Eggs delivered to wholesalers

6. Slaughterings of cattle, pigs and sheep within the EU (1 000 metric tons)

7. Milk delivered to dairies within the EU