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Animal Products - Annual and monthly statistics – 2015:01

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Continued drop in production of drinking milk

The quantity of milk delivered to dairies in January 2015 was 252 000 tons, about the same as in January 2014 but up 2.9 % compared to the previous month. Figure A shows the quantity of milk delivered to dairies month by month from 2012 till January 2015.The production of drinking milk shrunk by 2.7 %, both compared to the same month last year and to the previous month, to 70 000 tons. Butter production on the other hand, increased a little and reached 1 400 tons during January.

The slaughter of cattle was 2.6 % lower than in January the previous year. All in all, 35 000 adult cattle were slaughtered as well as 2 000 calves. The total slaughter of pigs was also lower in January 2015 compared to January 2014, 207 430 heads to 221 400 the year before. In the previous edition of Animal Products, the slaughter statistics were preliminary for November and December 2014. They are now final and available in the Board of Agriculture Statistics Database. Figures B and C show how the slaughter of cattle and pigs, respectively, has developed since the year 2012.

Statistics on the slaughter of poultry are now available for all of 2014. 126 150 tons of chicken were produced, an equivalent of roughly 88 million heads slaughtered and 7.4 % more than in the year 2013. The number of slaughtered hens and turkeys decreased somewhat.

Egg delivery statistics for the whole of 2014 are ready as well. During the year 99 700 tons of eggs were delivered to wholesalers from The Swedish Egg and Poultry Associations members, indicating the total Swedish production was roughly 121 600 tons during the year.


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1. Milk delivered to dairies

2. Production at dairies (1 000 metric tons)

3a. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

3b. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

4. Slaughterings of poultry at slaughter houses

5. Eggs delivered to wholesalers

6. Slaughterings of cattle, pigs and sheep within the EU (1 000 metric tons)

7. Milk delivered to dairies within the EU