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Increased slaughter of pigs in January

The quantity of milk delivered to dairies in January 2020 was 237 000 tonnes, of which 41 600 tonnes organic milk. In comparison with January 2019, the total delivery of milk decreased marginally, while the delivery of organic milk increased marginally.

During the month there were 61 300 tonnes of drinking milk and 19 500 tonnes of acidified milk produced. There were also 8 500 tonnes of cream, 6 600 tonnes of cheese, 1 600 tonnes of butter and 5 600 tonnes of milk powder produced during the month. The production of cheese included roughly 100 tonnes of organic products.

There were 38 600 cattle slaughtered in January 2020. The total slaughter weight of cattle was 12 500 tonnes. Compared with the statistics for January 2019, the slaughter of cattle decreased marginally.

In January there were 229 100 pigs slaughtered and the total slaughter weight of pigs was 22 200 tonnes. The slaughter of pigs increased by approximately 4 % compared with January 2019.

During the month there were 12 400 sheep and lambs slaughtered. The total slaughter weight of sheep and lambs was 250 tonnes, which is a 34 % decrease compared with the same month last year.

The quantity of poultry slaughtered in January 2020 amounted to 13 400 tonnes, which is a marginal decrease in comparison with January 2019.

This month’s figures for eggs delivered to wholesalers were not available at the time of publication. When available, the statistics will be published in the Statistical database of the Board of Agriculture.

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1. Milk delivered to dairies

2. Production at dairies (1 000 metric tonnes)

3a. Slaughterings of farm animals at slaughter houses

3b. Slaughterings of farm animals at slaughter houses

4. Slaughterings of poultry at slaughter houses

5. Eggs delivered to wholesalers, members of the Swedish Egg & Poultry Association

6. Slaughterings of cattle, pigs and sheep within the EU (1 000 metric tonnes)

7. Milk delivered to dairies within the EU