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In connection with the survey on crop yields in 2011 information has been collected on the areas sown in the autumn with the following crops: winter wheat, winter rye, winter barley, winter triticale, winter rape and winter turnip rape. A sample of almost 4 000 survey units with more than 5.0 hectare of arable land were selected. Small farms and the northern part of Sweden have been excluded due to negligible cultivation of winter crops.

Since 1968, the survey on areas sown in the autumn has been based on interviews. Since 2005, the farmers can also use Internet as a tool for data provision to Statistics Sweden.

The results are provided in the tables. The standard errors for the areas have been calculated. Estimates with standard errors exceeding 35 %, or less than 10 observations, are not presented. Results are presented for counties, production areas and the whole country. Results from 2010 are presented for comparative purposes and national mean values for the last five years are also presented.

The areas sown in the autumn of 2011 are estimated at 403 900 hectares. The areas of autumn sown cereals are estimated at 340 900 hectares and areas of autumn sown oilseed crops are estimated at 63 000 hectares. Winter wheat is the most common autumn-sown crop with 288 100 hectares. The areas of winter rape, 62 000 hectares, are at about the same level as the previous year.

Data on areas sown in the autumn that will be cultivated according to the system of organic farming have been collected since 2005. The organic farming areas sown in the autumn of 2011 are estimated at about 19 300 hectares.

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1. Areas sown with winter wheat and winter rye in autumn 2011

2. Areas sown with winter barley and triticale in autumn 2011

3. Areas sown with winter rape and winter turnip rape in autumn 2011


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