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Antal husdjur i juni 2003

JO 20 SM 0301


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The decrease in number of dairy cows continues

The total number of cattle in Sweden continues to decrease and is estimated at
1 611 900 in June 2003 - a decrease of just over 1.5 % since last year. During the same period the number of dairy cows is estimated to have decreased by just over 3 % to 403 000 animals in June 2003.

Since last year the total number of heifers and the number of bulls and steers are estimated to have decreased by 6.5 % and 1 % respectively. However, the number of calves has increased with 2.5 % since June 2002.

Increase in number of pigs

The total number of pigs is estimated at 1 903 600 in June 2003, an increase of 1 % since June 2002. The number of sows and piglets is expected to have decreased by 1 % and 2 % respectively, while the number of fattening pigs is estimated to have increased by close to 3 % during the aforementioned period.

The number of sheep returns to 2001 levels

Following a decrease in the number of sheep in 2002, the total number in June 2003 is expected to have increased to 451 000 sheep, a return to 2001 levels.


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1. Number of cattle in June 2001, 2002 and 2003

2. Number of pigs in june 2001, 2002 and 2003

3. Number of sheep in June 2001, 2002 and 2003