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Skörd av potatis 2007

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This report provides the preliminary results of 2007 for the yield per hectare and total production of potatoes. The results are presented for counties, production areas and for the whole country.

The results are presented for table potatoes and potatoes for processing of starch. For the whole country, the yield per hectare for table potatoes is estima­ted at 26 260 kg and the total production is estimated at 537 000 tonnes. The corresponding figures for potatoes for processing of starch are 31 350 kg and 253 000 tonnes, respectively.

The results for 2007 were based on a survey with a sample of 1 118 holdings for table potatoes and a sample of 185 holdings for potatoes for processing starch.

The tables show the number of observations, the total and reduced yields per hectare in kg and total production in metric tonnes. Standard errors are also pre­sented. Unharvested areas are shown in a separate table. As for the reduced yield, the yield per hectare is reduced for small, blighted and green potatoes etc. for table potatoes. The reduction for potatoes for processing of starch is made only for blighted potatoes. These reductions are made with standard values, derived from the objective potato surveys conducted until 1998.

When calculating the yields unharvested areas is taken into account, which lower the yield per hectare and owing to that also lower the production. The unharvested areas vary between years depending on the conditions during the growing season. The calculation of total production is based on the reduced yields and areas based on preliminary statistics from the administrative database for agricultural subsidies.

Since 1960, Statistics Sweden has produced statistics for potatoes using an objective method based on probability sampling and physical measurements with samples taken from the fields. The method was changed 1999 on to getting information directly from a sample of farmers. At the same time methodological changes were also made. Due to the changes all comparisons between years before 1999 should be made with great caution. Starting 2006 the farmers can use internet as a tool for data delivery concerning potato production to Statistics Sweden.

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1. Table potatoes. Preliminary results 2007

2. Potatoes for processing of starch. Preliminary results 2007

3. Potatoes. Area not harvested. Preliminary results 2007



List of terms

Antal företag

Number of holdings




Yield per hectare

Hela riket

The whole country




Table potatoes


Standard error

Obärgad areal

Area not harvested

Potatis för stärkelse

Potatoes for processing of starch


Production area


Blighted tubers


Small tubers


Standard value

Total skörd

Total production