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Seminar day on modern methods replacing the need for animal experiments

In January the Swedish 3Rs Center organized a seminar day on replacement and animal-free methods such as organ-on-a-chip, simulation and mathematical modelling.

In vitro models

In silico models

Panel talk about the urge and possibilities for replacement

Abstracts for oral presentations and poster session

Two women talking on stage. In the background a display shows the title: Modern research methods in biomedicine and drug development: non-animal perspectives.

Karin Gabrielson Morton from the Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments and Kaisa Askevik from the Swedish 3Rs Center welcomed all participants at the seminar on Replacement on the 14th of January 2020.

Four people, looked from behind, are looking at different posters presenting non-animal research methods.

The participants had time to see 18 posters at a certain poster session during the seminar. The posters presented methods and research with a non-animal perspective.