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Animal Products - Annual and monthly statistics – 2015:04

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Poultry statistics now upgraded to monthly basis from 2015 on

The quantity of milk delivered to dairies in April 2015 was 252 000 tons, 1 000 tons less than April of last year and down 3 % from March this year. Figure A shows the quantity of milk delivered to dairies month by month from 2012 till April 2015.The production of drinking milk was the same as in April 2014, at 67 000 tons. Cream production was 8 800 tons. This far, cream production has been 1 900 tons bigger than last year at this point in time.

The slaughter of adult cattle was  marginally higher than in April 2014, with 32 400 adult cattle slaughtered. 1 900 Calves were slaughtered as well, which was a decrease of 17 % compared to the same month the year before. The total slaughter of pigs was slightly higher in April 2015 compared to 2014, 214 000 heads with a combined slaughter weight of 19 810 tons. Figures B and C show how the slaughter of cattle and pigs has developed since the year 2012.

From this edition of Animal Products and on, the slaughter statistics for poultry are presented in monthly form, as opposed to the quarterly basis of earlier. Monthly statistics are also available in our database, starting with January 2015. Additionally, there has been an adjustment in the slaughter statistics of hens and turkeys, as their numbers are now given excluding discarded carcasses. Earlier, there was no way of telling edible and condemned carcasses apart in the data, but now there is. 7 857 280 chickens, 237 820 hens and 31 600 turkeys were slaughtered in April. Those numbers are all lower than in March. The slaughter of hens has decreased the most, by 34 %.

During April, 8 500 tons of eggs were delivered to wholesalers from The Swedish Egg and Poultry Associations members, up 7 % compared to April 2014. Their market share is estimated to about 82 %.

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1. Milk delivered to dairies

2. Production at dairies (1 000 metric tons)

3a. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

3b. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

4. Slaughterings of poultry at slaughter houses

5. Eggs delivered to wholesalers

6. Slaughterings of cattle, pigs and sheep within the EU (1 000 metric tons)

7. Milk delivered to dairies within the EU