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Animal Products - Annual and monthly statistics – 2016:04

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Decreased cattle slaughterings and increased pig slaughterings in April 2016

The quantity of milk delivered to dairies in April 2016 was 249 700 tonnes. Figure A shows the quantity of milk delivered to dairies month by month from 2013 to April 2016. The production of drinking milk was 68 300 tonnes in April, the same as in April 2015. Cream production in January to April 2016 was 38 600 tonnes. That is 1 900 tonnes more than the same period 2015.

In April 2016 more than 31 000 adult cattle and nearly 1 400 calves were slaughtered. The total weight of the slaughtered cattle was roughly 10 300 tonnes, which is less than the same month of the last three years. This can be seen in Figure B. The slaughter of pigs, on the other hand, was greater in April 2016 than in the same month the last two years. 217 300 pigs were slaughtered in April 2016, with a total weight of 20 200 tonnes. Figure C shows how the slaughter of pigs has developed since the year 2013. The total slaughter of sheep, rams and lambs in April 2016 was 230 tonnes, 30 tonnes less than in April 2015. Figure D shows how the total slaughter of sheep, rams and lambs has developed since the year 2013.

Poultry slaughtered in April 2016, which includes chickens, hens and turkeys, weighed 12 800 tonnes, 900 tonnes more than in April 2015 . 95 % of the weight was from chickens. Figure E shows monthly poultry slaughter developments since January 2015

In April 2016 there were 10 300 tonnes of eggs delivered to wholesalers from The Swedish Egg and Poultry Association. It is an increase of 21 % compared to April 2015. It is estimated that The Swedish Egg and Poultry Association had a market share of 83 % in the year 2015. Figure F shows eggs delivered to wholesalers since the year 2013.

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1. Milk delivered to dairies

2. Production at dairies (1 000 metric tonnes)

3a. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

3b. Slaughterings of livestock at slaughter houses

4. Slaughterings of poultry at slaughter houses

5. Eggs delivered to wholesalers

6. Slaughterings of cattle, pigs and sheep within the EU (1 000 metric tonnes)

7. Milk delivered to dairies within the EU