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Reasons for general treatment with antibiotics

The most common reason for treatment of cattle and sheep is mastitis (udder inflammation). For horses, lesions and other injuries are the most common reasons for treatment with antibiotics, while pigs are treated for lameness and other symptoms occurring in joints and hooves.


Calf mortality among different breeds of cattle

The table is organised after sex and breed and shows the number of calves that die within a month after birth. Mortality is generally somewhat higher for bull-calves than for cow-calves.

Frequency of disease in dairy herds of various sizes

Comparisons between different herd sizes have been made regarding the occurrence of a number of diseases. Milk fever and ketosis decrease with increasing herd size, while mastitis and other diseases increase. A relationship might be suspected between those diseases showing an increase within larger herds and an increase in infection pressure due to many animals being held in the same building. The diseases showing the most apparent decrease in large herds are feeding related. One can assume that a larger number of technological solutions are available for optimization and control of feeding in larger herds.

A few diseases show small variation between the different herd sizes, these are: retention of afterbirth, teat injuries and delivery problems.

Frequency of disease in dairy herds from different breeds

Swedish Friesian have the largest number of diseases compared to other breeds.

Occurrence of colic in horses - seasonal variations

A monthly comparison of colic cases has been compiled for the three regions in Sweden: Götaland (south of Sweden), Svealand (middle) and Norrland (north). The extent of colic cases is markedly low during the summer months. The diagnoses included in the term colic are impaction colic (constipation), incarceration colic, displacement colic, abdominal pain as well as all other diagnoses that include the term "colic."

These statistics are primarily based on veterinary reports submitted to the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The national industry organisation Svensk Mjölk (Swedish Dairy Association) has compiled the data for "Frequency of disease in dairy herds of various sizes," while information for "Calf mortality among different breeds of cattle" was collected from the central animal database where every cattle owner reports animal transports, births and deaths.


List of tables


Explanation of symbols

1. The most common reasons for general treatment with antibiotics, percentage of all reported treatments during 2005, 2006 and 2007

2. Number of (liveborn) calves that die within one month of birth, ordered according to breed and sex, 2007

3a. Occurrence of disease in dairy cows according to herd size and disease, percentage of all animals included in the control 2007/08

3b. Occurrence of disease in dairy cows according to breed and disease, percentage of all animals included in the control 2007/08

4. Seasonal distribution of colic cases in horses in percent, 2007


List of terms

Andel, procent

Share, percentage

Antal behandlade djur

Number of treated animals

Antal kalvar som dött under första levnadsmånaden

Number of calfs that died during their first month in life


Diarrhoea diseases


Swedish Mountain cattle




Help during delivery

Genomsnittlig besättningsstorlek under kontrollåret

Average herd size during the controll year



Hela året

All year

Hälta samt symptom från leder och klövar

Lameness and symptom from joints and hooves



Juver- eller livmoderinflammation

Mastitis or inflammation in the uterus




Milk fever


Cases of colic

Komplikationer vid dräktighet och förlossning

Complications during pregnancy and delivery


Year of control

Korsningar/Övriga raser


Kvarbliven efterbörd

Retention of feotal membranes








Swedish Red Poll

Samtliga sjukdomar

All diseases



Sjukdomar i andningsorgan

Respiratory organ diseases




Teat injuries

Svensk Ayrshire boskap

Swedish Ayrshire

Svensk Jersey boskap

Swedish Jersey

Svensk kullig boskap

Swedish Polled Cattle

Svensk låglandsboskap

Swedish Friesian

Svensk röd och vit boskap

Swedish Red and White





Totalt antal födda

Total number born


Other causes

Övriga sjukdomar

Other diseases